About Us

Harvesting Light to Bring Power to the People

Estech Global, Inc., is an energy solutions provider distributing solar modules, components, and energy systems with plans to become a New Mexico based manufacturer. Our patented, innovative technology will transform the renewable energy industry worldwide.

We are committed to providing clean, renewable and affordable energy solutions. And, our patented, innovated technology will transform the renewable energy industry worldwide. Working closely through collaborative partnerships established with local, state and international businesses and leaders, Estech Global, Inc., is committed to developing technology transfer opportunities throughout New Mexico.

Our team of innovative corporate leaders and technical and non-technical staff are committed to bringing world class renewable energy solutions to the residents of New Mexico, to our schools in Northwestern Haiti, and to other Caribbean islands and nations.

Our "Why"

Our ARC School project through our non-profit organization Prosper & Be in Health, we have built more than 50 schools in Northwest Haiti, giving access to quality education to thousands of Haitians.

This is our WHY.

Estech Global came about through the need to provide solar energy to our schools, and we now plan on offering Haiti, The US and various nations complete renewable energy solutions through wind and solar initiatives.


In order to make the biggest impact with renewable energy, our goal is to distribute our products and systems to the biggest companies in New Mexico.


Solar companies need quality products and systems from a trusted distributor. We pride ourselves in being the go-to distributor for solar panels among contractors and installers in the state.


We aim to becoming the leading distributor of solar systems and products in the state of New Mexico.


While supplying our communities with clean, renewable energy is a main concern, we also educate and prepare the public on solar panel safety and best practices.

Interested in Becoming Part of the Team?

By becoming a team, New Mexico residents can take advantage of the our innovated energy source. Let’s connect to build a brighter future for our state.