Harvesting Light to Bring Power to the People

We Are Estech Global

Estech Global, Inc. is an energy solutions provider distributing solar modules, components, and energy systems with plans to become an Albuquerque, New Mexico based manufacturer. Our patented, innovative technology will transform the renewable energy industry worldwide. Our vision is to be a world leader in the manufacturing of high-efficiency, cost-competitive solar PV modules (panels). With existing plans of immediately becoming the sole manufacturer of PV modules in New Mexico, followed by the United States, the Caribbean, and other nations.

We Are The Premier Solar Distributor in NM


In order to make the biggest impact with renewable energy, our goal is to distribute our products and systems to the biggest companies in New Mexico.


Solar companies need quality products and systems from a trusted distributor. We pride ourselves in being the go-to distributor for solar panels among contractors and installers in the state.


We aim to becoming the leading distributor of solar systems and products in the state of New Mexico.


While supplying our communities with clean, renewable energy is a main concern, we also educate and prepare the public on solar panel safety and best practices.

Premier SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels)

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our vision is to become an industry leader in providing clean, affordable and renewable energy solutions, while also helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Fighting Greenhouse Effect 

Fighting Greenhouse gasses and the effects they have on our ozone layer is another mission. By gradually moving towards renewable energy, we are bettering our chances of a bright, clean future of affordable energy solutions.

 Getting Away From

Fossil Fuels

Our patented, innovative technologies and systems are opening the door to new, exciting sources of energy. We are focused on energy sources that are clean and without limits.

The Estech global difference

Excellence and Quality

Estech Global Inc., is committed to providing affordable and quality renewable energy resources for the state of New Mexico. Our difference is not in our systems and components, but also in how we serve our community by educating them about the positives and safety measures needed for solar panels. 

Premier Building systems

Innovation and Safety

Premier Building Systems has been manufacturing Premier SIPs since 1968, and is the West Coast’s largest SIPs manufacturer. We provide expert technical, marketing, sales and logistics services to our customers. Over the years, no other company has done more SIPs testing than Premier, as evidenced by our extensive code reports and technical bulletins.

Prosper and be in health

Care and Consideration

At Prosper and Be In Health, we are proud to serve our local and global community by providing sustainable health, education, technology, and business assistance to all those we serve. As a US based Haiti non-profit we believe in prospering lives and in transforming youth into “World Class Leaders”. 

Let’s Build Together

Interested in working with Estech Global? We are here to serve our community, so please reach out to us!


3301 Coors Blvd., NW Ste., R-109

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120