Sustainable Energy and Development Consulting for Municipalities

Partner with EsTech Global, Inc. to transform your municipality into a beacon of sustainability. Our experts are dedicated to creating greener, cleaner, and more energy-efficient communities, tailored to your specific needs.
Helping Cities Build Sustainable Communities​

How Can We Help Your Community?

At EsTech Global, Inc., our mission is to create sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly communities through a wide range of consulting services. Our innovative energy solutions, such as solar and wind power installations, designed to reduce carbon footprints and promote a cleaner environment. Our expert team identifies the most effective renewable energy options for your municipality, ensuring the highest possible return on investment. Additionally, we specialize in the implementation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, paving the way for increased adoption of eco-friendly transportation.

Our expertise in sustainable infrastructure development, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) to construct energy-efficient, cost-effective buildings. These advanced construction methods not only benefit the environment, but also provide long-term savings for your municipality. Furthermore, our team of experienced grant writers is dedicated to securing funding for your community’s sustainable initiatives, guiding you through the complexities of grant applications to make your green vision a reality. Partner with EsTech Global, Inc. to transform your municipality into a model of sustainable development and growth.

Our Expertise

Affordable Housing

EsTech Global, Inc. excels in sustainable development, providing energy-efficient solutions like SIPS, solar/wind power and grant support.

Sustainable Energy

EsTech Global specializes in renewable energy, offering solar and wind installations, energy-efficient infrastructure, and EV charging solutions.

Grants & Assistance

EsTech Global, Inc. helps secures funding for sustainable projects with an established network and grant expertise, unlocking financial resources for eco-friendly community growth.

About Advanced City Development Group (ACDG)

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Advanced City Development Group (ACDG) looks to improve the “Quality of Life” for individuals and families in culturally and economically underserved communities.

ACDG provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of: