About Estech Global, Inc.

Estech Global, Inc. is a New Mexico-based company founded by CEO Frederick Esters. As a distributor of structural insulated panels (SIPs), Estech Global focuses on developing affordable net-zero single and multi-family homes and communities using tighter envelope construction, superior indoor air quality systems, and renewable energy solutions. They also distribute renewable energy products, including solar and battery storage solutions, for residential, municipal, commercial, and utility-scale projects, often supported by grants or private equity funding. Estech Global aims to become a global leader in high-efficiency, quality, affordable SIP homes with renewable energy, battery storage, and EV charging stations. 


About Frederick Esters

Frederick Esters is the founder and CEO of EsTech Global, Inc. (EGI), an Albuquerque, New Mexico renewable energy product distributor of innovative rooftop solar, community solar, and microgrid solar-wind-thermal energy and battery-storage system solutions for residential, municipal, commercial, and utility-scale development projects. EGI works with private Equity/Hedge Fund companies (PGV Capital), and Global Development Solutions (GDS) grant writing to help finance green, sustainable energy development projects locally, nationally, and globally.

Frederick is also an Affordable Home & Energy Advisor with PGV Advisors. EsTech Global endeavors to reduce the local, national, and global housing shortage by creating net-zero residential homes.

Strategic Partners

Gwen Bertolami

Bertolami Engineering – Principal Engineer
Comfort Casitas – Owner, Quality Green ADU Design

Miguel Salas

General Contractor/ SIP Builder
Salas Builders, LLC.

Phil Ligon

Regional Sales Manager/Manufacturer – Premier Building Systems, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Sam Datta

PGV Advisors - Principal & Co-Founder
PGV Capital

John Chandler

JWC Global Innovations - President/CEO

Khayo E. Mpungose

MBA - Durban, South Africa

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